Our Faculty in the Media

Prof. Sabarinathan

  1.  Venture capital in India (click here)
  2. Academic Institutions: The new players in venture capital (click here).
  3. Thirty years of Indian Venture Capital-A Bystanders Reflection, Forbes, Aug 23, 2017 (click here).

Prof. Badrinath and Prof. Panchapagesan

  1. Top challenges facing UK Sinha (click here)

Prof. Badrinath

  1. Scampering Investors? (click here).
  2. On India’s revised GDP estimates (click here)

Prof. Charan Singh on

  1. Resources for MSME;
  2.  Drivers of Change and MSMEs – Oct 21 2015
  3.  Addressing small industry’s financial drought;
  4.  MudraBank (Kannada)
  5.  On MSME (Kannada)
  6.  http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/demographic-dividend-or-damp-squib/article7834126.ece#.Vjht4VpqvXA.gmail

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