The vision of the Centre for Capital Markets and Risk Management is to provide academic leadership in research and teaching on Indian Capital Markets. To realize this vision the Centre intends to:

  • Provide sources of existing research on Indian capital markets to scholars interested in the region and to disseminate original research carried out at IIM-B. In this regard, a searchable database of academic research papers pertaining to Indian finance has been developed and will be updated at periodic intervals. Abstracts and complete citations for both published and working papers are available to researchers affiliated with IIM-B. Working papers by IIM-B faculty and students will also appear on this site at their discretion. In addition to academic research, the site also maintains and updates finance-related policy documents from domestic and international organizations that are likely to interest scholars in finance around the globe.  
  • Offer periodic commentary on contemporary capital market issues, host workshops and conferences involving scholars and practitioners. The site also disseminates information regarding upcoming finance conferences both national and international, via the announcements page. The features page hosts occasional thought pieces by Centre-affiliated faculty and students on various aspects of capital markets and risk management. Topics expected to be explored on this page range from  financial inclusion and literacy, the financial condition of micro-, small- and medium enterprises, financial sector reform, and market development and microstructure issues. Workshops on risk management, private equity, alternative investments and commodities are expected in the coming months. 
  • Describe existing data sets and explore the creation of new datasets that will establish IIM-Bangalore as the hub for empirical research on Indian Capital Markets.  A brief description of each of the various databases available at the IIM-Library appear on this site. The Centre is also exploring options to build data sets on mutual funds, and will eventual make available data from sources such as the exchanges,  the depositories of India and India’s ministries in a researcher-friendly fashion.   
  • Create and manage a financial markets laboratory that will support the Centre’s contributions to research and teaching in finance. The lab is temporarily housed on the ground floor of the IIM-B library and currently consists of 10 Bloomberg terminals. It will eventually move to the new building.  New courses as well as materials to support existing IIM-B courses are being developed using these resources. Future plans include the creation of student-managed investment portfolios. 

If you are interested in contributing to the Centre’s activities, please contact Prof. S.G. Badrinath at badrinathsg@iimb.ernet.in or Prabhu Venkatachalam @ prabhu.venkatachalam@iimb.ernet.in.

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